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“Every song either already exists in my head or comes out, as if by magic, during a directionless improv session.” Mektoub, meaning “destiny” in Arabic, reflects the swirls and eddies of life itself — its ups and downs and arounds, its beautiful love stories, breakups, and the everyday spiritual quests that almost go unnoticed. Adassiya’s own Oriental origins and extensive travels also leave their marks on the release: “Each country, each city, each culture has its own singular sound, beat, rhythm. And then you meet people along the way that have the power to inspire! These all add up to my composition.” Melodic trumpets, flamenco-style guitar, autobiographical lyrics, and electronic beats constitute an E.P. that’s sometimes bewitching, sometimes joyful, and always heartfelt. Mektoub features P.rivas and also includes a remix by Jean Claude Ades.