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Derun epitomizes a musical manifestation of cosmic entropy, building up ever-more complex combinations of sounds from myriad sources with a result that's often intricately detailed yet cooly composed. Lovestruck by Istanbul, the duo often incorporate elements of Turkish folktronica into their work.

Which images do you connect to your music?
Open water, a sunny day, bravery and joy. We bring with us the scent of the open sea. Our skin has been burned by the sun and the morning chill has made our eyes red.

Can you give us three adjectives to describe your music.
Courageous. Unbound. Earthly.

How has your music journey evolved until now?
We never had any musical plans. We've always just allowed this process to flow. We are also constantly surprised and inspired by individuals, voices, and stories, and we have a strong sense of destiny. The final step is to adapt with electronic dance music.

How would you like people to feel hearing your music for the first time?
We hope that they react involuntarily to it.

How has travelling influenced your tastes and your musical output over the years?
"Foreigners to nowhere" is how we describe ourselves. Despite the fact that we are travelling all the time, we feel a connection with every country. We rediscover these connections when we travel.

How do you integrate new influences in your work?
We create music in response to every sound we hear, just as the brain recognizes and reacts to a smell.

Do you collect music/samples/field recordings during your trips abroad?
Of course. This is exactly what makes us different.Other than in music, where do you find inspiration?Movies, the stories we listen to, and architecture.