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Poetry, nature, mathematics, information overload, badly told stories, the mystery of life. Kurup seems to find inspiration in everything that drifts into perceptibility, from looking quizzically into the mirror as our minds respond to unpredictable stimuli from an ever-changing planet to interrogating the intentions of the listener. Kurup looks to his native Brazil, his current home in Portugal, and far beyond to create music that hops between cultures and ideas with danceable surefootedness.

How do you listen to music?
I guess I have two modes of listening: a conscious and an unconscious one. I’m really into ambient music and love the idea of having a background soundscape. But what is the difference between sound and music? Maybe the sounds of the city are a kind of music in itself. I guess the intention of the listener changes everything. Maybe I’ve misunderstood the question though. I listen to music in different ways: listening to a whole album from first to last song will never lose its importance if that’s the way it was conceived. We’re more bombarded by information nowadays for sure but if you love an artist or a particular album, you’ll always enjoy the experience of listening to the full story. A single has its own story too. I guess it all depends on my intentions as a listener, and whether or not I know the intentions of the artist.

And how do you make your mind up whether it’s “good” music or not?
It is always a symbiotic relationship between body and mind. Music is firstly mathematics that stimulates the mind and body through rhythm. Then comes the melody and the characteristics of the timbre. This is the part that touches the most creative and spiritual places in us. It is a complex phenomenon that affects every cell in the body. I find it hard to grasp and that's why it's so magical and special. For me, it’s fascinating how music can change the mood in a specific situation. It’s really mysterious how sound waves affect us. I guess what has kept me working with music all these years is the fact that I’ve never found something as powerful as music.

Is the timing of your Espelho Prata release important?
I hadn't stopped to think about it until now but it actually has an interesting symbolic place in time, somewhere between the late winter and early spring. I guess it will be an anthem for the equinox.