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What message are you trying to get across with this release?
You must never lose esperanza — which means hope in Spanish — and that you have to put a lot of love into all the things that matter to you in life.

What do you feel when you listen to “good” music?
Categorizing music as good or bad may be a mistake. Undoubtedly, there is music that is easy to listen to and another that is not so easy on the first listen. That is the music that interests us the most.

Is the timing of this release important?
The music must come out at the moment the artist feels it. That is another inconvenience of the industry.

When you listen to music, do you try to listen intently or do you have it playing “in the background” as you do something else?
When a sound comes to me, it does not matter if I give it all the attention in the world or if it is in the background while we are doing something else. That is the magic of music.

Have you ever been musically inspired by a taste, smell, or feeling?
Feeling good has always been and will always be inspiring. If that is caused by a taste or a smell, then let it be. Although maybe the music with the most emotional charge is composed when one doesn’t feel so good. Who knows…

Do you think that music has the ability to play with our emotions?
In our particular case, music is everything. It has been with us in the worst and best moments of our lives. I imagine that not everyone thinks like us, but it is a beautiful way of living.

Do you have a personal artefact, or something that has traveled with you/experienced something significant with you? Please tell us its story.
Over time we become somewhat more maniacal. I personally always carry my headphones, which were a gift from Carlita and Vic, some good friends from Mexico, whom I love very much.

Do you understand the power you have over your listener?
We do not understand it but we have felt it more than once and we cannot explain it.