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Hailing from two small cities outside Buenos Aires in Argentina, DJs and producers German Wagener and Nicolas Damonte formed PAAX (Tulum) and went on to release under Kindisch, Sol Selectas, Earthly Delights, and Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings, among others. Dabbling in Afro-Latin sounds, deep techno, and live percussion while often featuring guest appearances from revered instrumentalists, PAAX (Tulum) attribute their downtempo temperament to the moment they moved to the Riviera Maya.

What do you feel when you listen to "good" music?
Music is our life and I don't think there are many things comparable to this, but we are always listening to something. Music is something very complex and it depends on many factors both from the creator and the listener — the "good" is relative. But we love to listen to music and many times it gets inside you and other times not so much. It’s about exploration and open-mindedness. 

The last couple of years, you’ve been very active both in the studio and on stage. What’s keeping you inspired? 
There are just so many organic, natural, real sounds, recorded in different parts of the world, that beg to be incorporated into music, so it’s fun to fuse styles to come up with a unique and different sound. All the tracks on Wallas, for example, are surrounded by journeys with their own history, in different countries and cultures, where each anecdote is told with nuances and characteristics of each place. The idea is to take you on a musical journey to experience different sensations, harmonic moments, moments of tension, of happiness, of intrigue... a total fusion like life itself. Hypnos carries a similar message but there’s less of a narrative. It’s more abstract, concerned mostly with energy and all its magic. 

Is the timing of these two releases important?
Yes, it's a historical moment where the world is changing, both in terms of people's perceptions and countless other aspects of life. There is a need to enjoy the present more than ever. 

When you listen to music, do you try to listen to it attentively or do you have it "in the background" while you do something else? 
We always listen with attention, even if we are in a meeting, having dinner, or anywhere, no matter where — if good music is playing it attracts us more than anything else.