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What does your new E.P. Aminta sound like to you?
When I listen back to the E.P., I realize how much I’ve been inspired by the afro-house genre. Both tracks are a little more upbeat than some of my previous work. They’re definitely made for the dancefloor! I’m very happy with how the deep vocals, flutes and synths come together.

Do you approach studio sessions and live performances with the same mindset?
Throughout the production process and recording sessions, I would often imagine myself to be performing Aminta with the band somewhere under the sun, bringing people together. For me, just playing with the band is something to cherish, whether we’re on stage or in the studio. Our musical chemistry is like a secret language. It’s common for us all to be in our individual flow states together, simultaneously concentrating on our own input and the output of the others, almost reading one another’s minds. I’m grateful for the times when we can all be together and bounce ideas and sounds off each other.

Can you shed some light on the relationship between you all?
The story of the band started back in 2016 when I was making my first album. I wanted to explore the potential interplay between traditional Greek instruments and elements of deep house. Through friends of friends, I met a handful of musicians who shared similar ideas. When we started performing live at Scorpios Mykonos in 2017, some kind of spark was ignited in me. It’s rare that you find a bunch of people who share a similar passion for something, who share a similar vision while each individually bringing ideas to the table. I am very happy to be releasing my fourth personal album with them in the summer of 2022 on Scorpios Music.

Do you think that one’s mindset at a given time changes the way one perceives music?
Absolutely. From a listener’s perspective, one could argue that music is simply noise until heard, and then it transforms immediately and irreversibly into a soundtrack accompanying a moment, and whatever happens in that moment makes all the difference to how that music embeds itself in the memory. It can gently encourage one to make a certain decision, altering a life path, a purpose. Music has the ability to change everything in our lives.