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The lead single for Valeron’s Aroma album, “Fragile” is a folk-inflected ode to one of the Mykonian producer-DJs long-time musical role models. As he explains: “Fragile is one of my favorite Sting songs, so I decided to release it as an official single with Gabriel Russel on vocals and guitar and adjusted synths and vocal phrases.“ Within an organic downtempo house framework, “Fragile” has been one of Valeron’s go-to tracks when performing live, consistently striking a chord with dancefloors and bringing the band closer together.

A rare feat for a well-versed hand that has helped shape an island’s electronic music scene and now DJs from a pedestal, Valeron’s 2022 album Aroma frames Greece’s diverse musical history through a contemporary lens and acts as a testament to the current collaborative milieu of the island — a dance between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern instruments, all acoustic and recorded live, with the Mykonos native’s hovering hand on mixers and synths.